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Linda Augsburg

Surrounded by fabric and farmland, Linda Augsburg loves playing with patterns and prints, and she dreams of a day when she can finish a sewing project at the same moment that the bobbin empties.

Most of Linda's adult life has been spent behind the editorial desk at various quilting and craft publications. While she learned to sew as a 4-H'er, she traded garment sewing for quilting when she landed a job in the editorial department of a needlework magazine after college.

Linda's favorite part of the creative process might be choosing the fabrics for her latest quilt project, but designing quilts and other projects runs a close second. She's slowly making friends with her longarm quilting machine (yet unnamed) and has a small collection of the Fisher Price Little People sewing machines. She has a passion for all types of creative endeavors: quilting, embroidery, jewelry making, papercrafts, home decorating and whatever else catches her eye.

Video is her favorite medium with which to share new skills, and she's working on building a website of her own. If you want to get a sneak preview, visit her on Instagram (@cutsewquiltrepeat) or Facebook (Cut, Sew, Quilt, Repeat.).
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