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Choose Needlework Floss to Stitch a Colorful Picture

The right floss brings out the vibrant colors and precise stitches of your needlework. Once you find your cross stitch or embroidery pattern, choose the floss you'll need to complete the design. Annie's offers a variety of floss color collections and other cross stitch supplies to help you create your project from start to finish.

Needlework Threads and Cross Stitch Supplies

Think of cross stitch like painting a beautiful picture. The floss is your paint. In order to get the most vibrancy from your sampler or tapestry, you'll need high-quality and richly-colored floss. At Annie's, we have the floss you need for your cross stitch or embroidery projects, organized clearly in different color collections. Choose from serene blues, earthy autumn hues, bold reds, deep purples, soft pastels, and many other radiant color options. Just looking at the varieties might give you a new idea for a project!

In addition to quality floss and thread, you can also find other needlework supplies at Annie's. Once you've chosen your thread, refresh your supply of cross stitch needles. We also have helpful cross stitch aids, such as thread cutters, to make your needlework projects easier.