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Buy Crochet Hook Sets to Prepare for Plenty of Projects

When you invest in a crochet hook set, you know you'll have the right hook on hand to start a wide variety of projects. Many crocheting patterns call for different sized hooks, so over time you'll need an assortment of hooks anyway. Save yourself money and trips to the craft store by purchasing a set of crochet hooks instead of picking hooks up on a project-by-project basis.

Crochet Hook Sets—Acrylic, Metal, Interchangeable

Annie's carries crochet hook sets in different materials. Aluminum crochet hooks are lightweight and allow the yarn to glide across the hook easily. They're a crocheting essential and come in plenty of sizes and colors. Acrylic or plastic crochet hooks are a great option for kids or beginners. They're lighter than aluminum and yarn doesn't slide across them as easily, a helpful quality for beginners. The ultimate investment for a dedicated crocheter might be a set of interchangeable crochet hooks. An interchangeable crochet hook set provides you with a dozen hook sizes and cords that allow you to create different hook lengths. Whether you're crocheting a little pair of booties or a huge afghan, you'll always have the hooks you’ll need to complete the project. If you need just one specific size, you can also buy single crochet hooks.