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Solve Common Crafting Problems with Crochet Aids

If you've been crocheting long enough, you may have noticed a bad habit or a recurring problem that keeps you from doing your best work. These crocheting aids and notions help you address the demands of specific projects or address your needs as a crocheter. From ball winders to wrist supports, Annie's carries a variety of crocheting solutions. Plus, check out our crochet organizers for help with storing your supplies.

Aids and Notions for Your Crocheting Needs

Once you've accumulated the basic tools you need for your crocheting hobby, crocheting notions make a great investment. These crocheting aids and notions are often not essential, but they can make the crafting process go more smoothly. For example, stitch markers and knit clips help you keep track of important parts of your project. Other aids, such as an elbow sleeve or a headboard lamp, are designed to keep you more comfortable while you work, addressing the strain that can come with numerous hours of working on a project.

Find all of the crocheting supplies you need at Annie's. From crocheting patterns to notions for putting on the finishing touches, we have the inspiration, yarn, and tools you’ll need to create projects you'll be proud of.