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Cut a piece of cardboard half as long as specified in instructions for strands plus 1/2 inch for trimming. Wind yarn loosely and evenly around cardboard. When cardboard is filled, cut yarn across one end. Do this several times then begin fringing. Wind additional strands as necessary.

Single Knot Fringe
Hold specified number of strands for one knot together, fold in half. Hold project to be fringed with right side facing you. Use crochet hook to draw folded end through space or stitch indicated from right to wrong side. Pull loose ends through folded section. Draw knot up firmly. Space knots as indicated in pattern instructions.

Double Knot Fringe
Begin by working single knot fringe completely across one end of piece. With right side facing you and working from left to right, take half the strands of one knot and half the strands of the knot next to it and knot them together.

Triple Knot Fringe
Work double knot fringe across. On the right side, work from left to right tying a third row of knots.

Spaghetti Fringe
Following single knot fringe instructions, tie each knot with just one strand of yarn.