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Crochet Cable


Crochet cables are created by skipping stitches, working some stitches in the next stitches and then going back and working into the skipped stitches. When you work back into the skipped stitches, you will be taking your crochet hook in front of or behind the stitches you just worked. This creates the front or back cross of the cable. You can work into the top of the stitches or work post stitches around the body of the stitches when creating cables. This example is a 6-stitch cable that involves working around the post of the stitches and going behind the stitches just made.

Cable: Sk next 3 sts, fptr around next 3 sts, working behind sts just made, fptr in first sk st, fptr in next sk st, fptr in last sk st.

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