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Hoops & Scissors

Great cross-stitching tips!

Hoops & Scissors

Embroidery can be worked without any type of hoop or frame. However, most stitchers enjoy the stability a hoop or frame gives. Hoops can be round or oval and come in many sizes. Choose the hoop size that is most comfortable to you. Another option is the frame, which is typically square.The three main types of hoops are plastic, spring-tension and wooden. Plastic and spring tension hoops hold fabric more firmly than wooden hoops. To prevent wrinkles and marks on fabric, remove fabric from hoop after stitching each day.

For maximum fabric protection, cut a piece of muslin or similar fabric large enough to mount in hoop. Mount this fabric on top of the embroidery fabric in hoop. Then, carefully cut a circle out of muslin in hoop about 1" smaller than hoop. This protects the embroidery fabric from hoop marks and soil.

Small, sharp scissors are essential for cutting floss and removing mistakes. For cutting fabrics, invest in a top-quality pair of medium-sized sewing scissors.To keep them in top form, use these scissors only for cutting fabrics and floss.