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1 - 12 of 12 items

Annie Potter, known and admired by her peers as an avid needlecrafter, is recognized by her co-workers as the creator and founder of Annie's Attic®. She is respected by her vendors as a very successful businesswoman, but to her friends and family, she's a designer, and editor and a crocheter who loves the art that has become her livelihood.

Her story is about talent and opportunity combined with determination and gratitude. Annie explains that it all began during her childhood back in Kansas.

"Mom spent hours crocheting, which fascinated me even at the young age of 5. And by the time I reached 8, I found myself crocheting. Not long after that, I began to design my own patterns. I was never satisfied with the dime-store patterns as they were. With a change here and an alteration there, they would become my own creations."

Creativity is Annie's gift to life. As an adult, she began to design professionally. Then, from a simple mail-order ad in a needlecraft magazine, Annie's Attic® was born. From the kitchen table, she, her family and friends began to fill thousands of orders that arrived day after day.