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My name is Lara Simonson, co-owner and knitter designer at KnotEnufKnitting. My design career began 16 years ago, but didn't officially start until 2013 when a friend introduced me to selling patterns on-line. I started knitting 17 years ago before my first son was born, and it quickly grew into a passion for me. I realized I loved to design my own patterns instead of following the ones out there. I knew I did not like to sew knit pieces together, so I started designing patterns that were completely seamless!

Today, I design modern, seamless knitting patterns. Really! No more sewing your knits together. You will save time and lots of frustration! Inspired by nature, I love to incorporate cables to create unique designs. Cables have quickly become a favourite of mine. I am always on the look out for an easier way to knit something and to share it with the knitting world. It is inspiring to have so many knitters knitting from my patterns. I am always amazed at their creativity and the end product! I hope you enjoy knitting my patterns as much as I enjoy creating them!

I have so many designs in my head, but so little time to knit them! So I'm always dreaming of that next knit...