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1 - 4 of 4 items

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Mary taught herself to crochet during her freshman year in college to satisfy a class project and to be able to make those hippie vests to go with her bell-bottoms.

After several jobs and marriage, Mary returned to crochet again while waiting to adopt her daughter. It was during this time that she decided why not start up her own crochet business and run it from home. First came mail-order, Stella-Marie Studios, second came pattern books for retail and chain stores, Stella-Marie Publications, third came kits, Sculpture Crochet Mini~Kits, and finally came precious daughter.

Now that precious daughter is off to college, Mary has more time to design and develop new techniques in beading, purses, doilies, and other areas of crochet. Let the ideas be many and the dust bunnies be few!