Colorful Tunisian Afghans to Crochet Pattern Book

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Have the look of knitting while you crochet!

Skill Level: Intermediate
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Tunisian crochet, or the Afghan stitch, is a crochet method that gives the appearance of knitting. Combine that with a pattern embroidered on top and you have a beautiful work of art! These 6 lovely afghans are all crocheted using Red Heart baby- or worsted-weight yarn. They are worked in panels, blocks or one piece. Charts are included for each pattern so a beautiful floral design can be embroidered on top of the finished afghan.
Designed by Glenda Winkleman.


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Colorful Tunisian Afghans to Crochet Pattern Book

May 23, 2021

The guide in the back isn't the best. The patterns are so lovely though. It's easy to miss understand the back and front post stitch. To make it more simple, it's the same post. For the back post stitch just take your hook put it through the back beside the post, pick up the yarn and pull to the back and finish making a double crochet. Now the stitch you made is in the back. For front post stitch put your hook through the front beside the post going towards the back. Pick up the yarn and pull to front, finish off the stitch. Front post stitches pull yarn to the front and work from the front. Back post stitches work from the back. Let your hook guide you to where you're to go.

Colorful Tunisian Afghans to Crochet Pattern Book

November 26, 2020

I wish all patterns were available in both electronic download & physical books. I don't have a working printer, so can only buy pattern books available in print. There are so many books I would purchase if they were available in print edition.

Colorful Tunisian Afghans to Crochet Pattern Book

May 30, 2015

Just loved loved the patterns I've already made two of the throws/rugs, with some little tweaks to color and extra panels to make them larger they came out just beautiful. (Made them as gifts for my niece and mother) I am working on a third one now for my sister-in-law. Easy to follow patterns as well, I will find plenty of inspiration from these.

Colorful Tunisian Afghans to Crochet Pattern Book

June 22, 2014

I have almost finished the butterfly blanket, and I have found this to be easier than expected. The crossed single crochet was one I had never done before, and the directions in the back for some reason didn't click, but the written ones with the pattern did, and then it was really easy. I am loving how it is looking as I finish each part, and even though I am taking a good deal of time getting it finished, I know I am going to love giving this lovely design as a gift. I definitely want to try the other patterns in the book.

Colorful Tunisian Afghans to Crochet Pattern Book

January 9, 2014

The six patterns included in this booklet are beyond beautiful. With crocheted panels (Tunisian crochet that is) and cross stitching, you can create one of these projects. They are done in soft colors, earth tones and even a Pennsylvania Dutch one that reminds me of Christmas colors. In reading over the instructions, I find, as I always have, that Tunisian crochet is not for the amateur or beginner crocheter. While I love doing the very simple Tunisian, the stitches for these are beyond my ability to interpret even with the fact that I have been crocheting for over 50 years. The stitch guide in the back of the book explains how to do each of the needed stitches but the way the explanations are written are not clear in my mind. Also some of the patterns have popcorn stitches and that required dropping a loop and inserting your hook in another stitch and picking the dropped loop up again. My patience doesn't last for this stitch even through it makes a very lovely one. Then there are the front post and back post stitches -- again I intellectually know but can never make my hook do what it says. The cross stitch is something I am good at and if I could get someone to make the afghan for me, I could use the book to finish it with the embroidery as that is shown in chart form just like any counted cross stitch directions. Flowers, butterflies and leaves add the finishing touches to these beautiful afghans. If you have more patience or are good at Tunisian crochet already, this is a very nice book of afghans and you will be ready to create one for yourself or as a gift.

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