Sewing Tape Measure Mug

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Sewing Tape Measure Mug
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Covered with vintage sewing machines, pincushions, threaded needles, buttons and more, this great mug features a unique tape measure handle. Whether you pick it up as a gift for a crafty friend or add it to your own mug stash, this mug will make sure no one has to wonder what its owner likes to do with her free time! Both microwave and dishwasher safe. Made with quality ceramic and holds 13.5 fl oz. Dimensions: 5 9/10" x 3 9/10" x 4 3/4".
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4 out of 5
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Sewing Tape Measure Mug

February 28, 2022

My sister got me a mug like this from somewhere else & after washing it in the dishwasher several times, the glaze cracked all over. I found this here and bought it to replace the 1st one but the craftmanship is shotty--several bumps inside & out in the ceramic part, the paint job on the handle doesn't end at the mug stopped short and when I HAND washed the mug to use it, I NEVER submerged or immersed it in water--just held it in my hand to hand wash it. Afterwards, you could seen on the bottom where water soaked up into the ceramic part leaving a definite line along the entire bottom edge of the cup where the water was color differentiation showed water line on the outside AND on the bottom inside the mug. Cute mug but shottybad craftsmanship in the making of it. Not sure if this is just 1 mug like that or if they're all like that. The 1 my sister bought up north wasn't like that at all--just the cracking of the glaze after washing it in the dishwasher.

Sewing Tape Measure Mug

July 23, 2020

I was so thrilled with the 2 cups I ordered as Xmas gift I reordered one for myself. Cup itself is a nice size and weight, colors are so vibrant, the tape measure handle has very clear markings. Glaze is so shiny, but will wash by hand just to be sure it stays that way. As you can tell I absolutely love it. Thank you Annie's.

Sewing Tape Measure Mug

May 9, 2020

Excellent made mug. This sewing tape measuring mug is absolutely beautiful and very well made the glaze is excellent. The mug is very light making it the perfect weight after filling with your beverage of choice. The colors are bright and it is a very cute design. I plan on hand washing so it does not damage the finish and to keep it from crazing the finish. I highly recommend this mug. Enjoy! Oh and the shipping by Annie’s was very very fast!

Sewing Tape Measure Mug

February 26, 2020

Adorable, great way to have your coffee in the morning, love it.

Sewing Tape Measure Mug

February 11, 2020

Very cute mug with comfortable handle. Description says microwave safe, but it gets very hot in microwave. I will not use in the microwave. Also this cup is made in China and that's not mentioned in the description. My cup had rough feeling glazing on the inside of the cup. I am unsure it's safe to use for hot beverages. I may just use to hold marking pens and pencils in my sewing room. It is really super cute!

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