Arsenic and Old Silk (Annie's Secrets of the Quilt Hardcover Book #5)

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Arsenic and Old Silk (Annie's Secrets of the Quilt Hardcover Book #5)
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Follow Sofia Parker as she unravels the riveting mysteries of a secret diary and historical ancestral quilt in Annie’s Secrets of the Quilt series.

The fifth square in the heirloom quilt takes Sofia back to Windsor Castle in 1532, to a Venetian ancestor named Maddalena Vitari, who was a seamstress for the court of King Henry VIII.

Maddalena, a creative spirit who is in love with a poor artist, is forced to exchange her brush for needle and thread when her rich merchant father abandons her in England during a merchant sortie to sell fabrics to Henry’s palace.

Back in present-day Vermont, Sofia and her children are harassed by an elusive stalker. Without concrete evidence, the hands of the Cabot Falls police are tied. Sofia must use her best investigative skills to keep her family safe. Those same skills will be put to the test as she searches for the key to Maddalena’s dilemma and solves a mystery that is five centuries old.

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