Special Stitches Sampler Crochet Pattern Book

A wonderful way to learn new stitches you'll use over and over.

Skill Level: Intermediate
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Stitch a square using each of these 24 stitches to create a sampler afghan. You will use these stitches over and over to make afghans, baby blankets place mats and countless other projects!

Finished size: 41" W x 60" L


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3 out of 5
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Special Stitches Sampler Crochet Pattern Book

September 16, 2021

Maybe not for the beginner. Although my aunt taught me to crochet and how to read patterns, that was over 50 years ago...when my eyes were much better and my brain worked faster. Sigh

Special Stitches Sampler Crochet Pattern Book

August 2, 2021

Used about half of these systems as well as others I had to create an Afghan I saw in a magazine.. turned out fabulous!

Special Stitches Sampler Crochet Pattern Book

October 10, 2020

The afghan is beautiful. I'm having the problem of the squares coming out to different sizes - pretty big variance - even though I'm fairly certain I'm following the instructions correctly. I'm using wool, so I have a lot of leeway when I block it, but I'm still having trouble getting the squares to the same size. I think this afghan would be difficult for those without years of experience. I've crocheted for many, many years and I still found one square undoable. But, it is gorgeous and I believe I'll have a beautiful afghan when I'm finished.

Special Stitches Sampler Crochet Pattern Book

May 22, 2020

I would like to know the name of each pattern please. Especially block 6.

Annie's Customer Service
Betty - We haven't provided names for the blocks or stitch patterns for this patten.
Special Stitches Sampler Crochet Pattern Book

May 5, 2020

I ordered this pattern to learn some new stitches. I'm sure the finished product is beautiful. I found the instructions a little hard to follow but that may be because I chose a pattern that is beyond my current ability. Some of the squares were easy but others were very complicated and I was unable to finish the afghan. I decided to do a simpler pattern for now and will go back to this when I have a bit more confidence.

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