Amour Crochet Hooks

Technique: Crochet
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These incredibly smooth hooks allow your yarn to slide effortlessly. Amour crochet hooks have signature handles in vibrant colors for easy size identification. The crochet hook handle is made from elastomer rubber, making crocheting comfortable and stress free.


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Amour Crochet Hooks

April 23, 2017

I bought this set for myself and I just love them. They really are comfortable and glide through yarn so smoothly. There are no other hooks on the market that match these in my opinion and I crochet every single day. Well worth the money!

Amour Crochet Hooks

May 4, 2016

I must say.. These hooks are amazing !! .. Through I would treat myself and try E .3.5 .. And I love this hook makes using the Bernat handcraft thread so much better to use .. Now to just get the rest of the set

Amour Crochet Hooks

March 27, 2014

I love these hooks!! The handles are very comfortable! They are my favorite set of hooks to use.

Amour Crochet Hooks

February 26, 2014

I bought the entire set of Amour hooks. I am absolutely thrilled with them! They are so comfortable that I adjusted to them immediately. They are the best by far!!! My main reason for buying was I had been working on a large project with an aluminum hook and the branding and size of the hook were right where my thumb rested. My thumb got so sore I thought there had to be a better way. Amour hooks were better than just "better" - they are the BEST! I'm so glad I treated myself to these amazing hooks. I can crochet for hours, day after day with NO PAIN!

Amour Crochet Hooks

January 22, 2014

One day I got a burr on my aluminum crochet hook and purchased an Amour hook. Wow ... I loved it. It is comfortable, easy to use, just simply amazing. To date, I have purchased a total of 4 hooks in this line. I never thought I would bypass my tried & true Boye hooks, but these are phenomenal. Do your hand a favor and get one to try - that is all it will take!

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