Helpful Knitting Tips!

Casting on
The process of making stitches on the needles for knitting. There are several different ways to do this. Experiment with different techniques to find the easiest one for you.

Weaving yarn into loops on needles forming a fabric for apparel or household items. Also defines a stitch used. When rows are knitted across, a horizontally ridged fabric is made called garter stitch.

Working a stitch opposite from knit. When rows are knit then purled alternately across, the fabric has a smooth appearance on the front and ridges on the back; also called stockinette stitch.

Combining knit and purl stitches within a row. This gives a stretch to the fabric and is used for cuffs, waistlines and neck edges for garments.

Increases and Decreases
Making new stitches to increase the width of the fabric or knitting stitches together to narrow the width of the fabric.

Slipping stitches and yarn overs
Used for creating a lace effect in the fabric.

Pattern stitches
A combination of knit stitches and purl stitches to create a texture in the fabric.

Garter Stitch
On straight needles knit every row. When working in the round on circular or double-pointed needles, knit one round then purl one round.

Stockinette Stitch
On straight needles knit right-side rows and purl wrong-side rows. When working on circular or double-pointed needles, knit all rounds.

Reverse Stockinette Stitch
On straight needles purl right-side rows and knit wrong-side rows. On circular or double-pointed needles, purl all rounds.