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Vertical to Horizontal Seam

How to Weave, Graft and Sew in Knitting

To sew a vertical edge to a horizontal edge, use a combination of the mattress stitch (vertical seaming method) and the horizontal seaming method. Work across one piece of fabric vertically, picking up the bars, and across the other piece horizontally, working under the point of the “v”s. Loosely pin the pieces together before you begin. Since there are more rows to the inch than stitches, you’ll need to accommodate that difference so that the edge does not cause one side to pucker. When working stockinette stitch, for every third “v” point you pick up, pick up 2 bars rather than one. For garter stitch, you will usually be seaming one horizontal “ridge" to 1 stitch. For other stitch patterns, pinning the two pieces together will give you a good sense of how you’ll need to ease the two pieces together.

Vertical to Horizontal Seam
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