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Applique Bed Quilt Patterns Add Texture and Color

Use an applique bed quilt pattern to capture that wonderful texture many people associate with a handmade quilt. Annie's carries applique quilt patterns with designs that feature sports equipment, animals, seasonal images, and more, so you can find the perfect bed quilt pattern for kids or adults. Browse our other bed quilt patterns for more ideas and inspiration.

Applique Bed Quilt Patterns and Projects

With applique quilt patterns, you sew a piece of fabric, often an image, onto the top of your quilt or individual block. This creates a raised effect that can make certain elements of your design really pop. With these applique bed quilt patterns, you can bring out a special theme or create a wonderful traditional look. Use a princess applique bed quilt pattern for a little girl's room or a traditional sunbonnet applique pattern for a homey, rustic look. Applique bed quilt patterns are also a fantastic option for seasonal quilts that you'll love using for cozy holidays with the family.

Once you've found an applique bed quilt pattern you want to make, you can stock up on quilting fabric, needles, thread, and any notions you might need at Annie's, too. When you gather all your quilting supplies in one place, you save yourself time that you can devote to your projects!

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