Selecting Supplies

Helpful plastic canvas tips!

There are several types of plastic canvas. Some are soft and supple, while some are stiffer and more rigid. For projects that require a great deal of shaping, select soft, pliable canvas. Most projects can be stitched on regular plastic canvas. For some boxes and other projects that stand alone, you may want to try stiffer plastic canvas. Or, you may stitch through two thicknesses of canvas.

For 7-mesh canvas, use a No. 16 blunt tapestry needle and worsted-weight or plastic canvas yarn. Use a doubled strand for stitching on 5-mesh canvas. For 10-mesh canvas, use a No. 18 blunt tapestry needle and sport-weight yarn, embroidery floss, #3 pearl cotton or similar yarn. For 14-mesh canvas, use a No, 24 blunt tapestry needle and #5 pearl cotton.