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Embroidery Pattern Books Feature Collections of Handcrafted Styles

If you love the timeless look of traditional embroidered quilts, these embroidery pattern books are just for you. In each of these books you'll find several embroidery patterns in a particular style. Use the embroidery patterns to put the finishing touch on your quilt tops or as the design for individual quilt blocks. Annie's carries embroidery pattern books featuring classic redwork styles, Sunbonnet Sue, baby patterns, seasonal patterns, and more.

Embroidery Pattern Books and Quilting Supplies

Although embroidered quilt blocks may have a simpler look than pieced patterns, they take a wonderful skill that shines through when you display your embroidered quilt. Use these embroidery pattern books to put your personal mark on bed quilts, quilted table runners, baby quilts and other projects. We have seasonal redwork patterns perfect for the holidays, as well as timeless patterns that you can enjoy all year. Hang an embroidered quilt on your living room wall or use it to cozy up with in bed. Each of our embroidery pattern books includes helpful patterns and tips for helping you master your embroidery skills.

Annie's also carries the quilting supplies and embroidery supplies you will need to complete the projects in your embroidery pattern books. From needles and thread to quilting fabrics and notions, you can have your project materials shipped right to you!