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Making Yo-Yo's

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To make any size yo-yo:

1. Trace size circle desired or indicated on pattern using a template on wrong side of fabric.

2. Cut a length of thread in a color to match fabric; double thread and knot ends together.

3. Working with wrong side of yo-yo circle facing you, turn fabric under 1/4" to wrong side and insert needle near the folded edge as shown in Figure A.

Making Yo-Yo's
4. Stitch a running stitch, using approximately 3/8"-long stitches, around the edge of the circle, turning fabric edge under as you sew referring to Figure B. Stop stitching when you reach the beginning knot.

Making Yo-Yo's
5. Pull thread to gather the circle as tightly as you can (or as desired) and move the hole to the center of the circle as seen in Figure C.

Making Yo-Yo's
6. Insert needle between two gathers to the back of the yo-yo and make several small knots to secure; clip thread.
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