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Using Half-Square Triangle Piecing Papers

Streamline the piecing process and make perfect pieced half-square triangle units using triangle piecing paper. This paper is made to break away when not needed, and the ink is heatproof, so it will not smear ink on the fabrics. The process is easy.

1. Purchase the paper product -- such as Thangles Half-Square Triangle Paper or Triangles on a Roll. Cut strips 1/2" wider than the finished size of triangle units; for example, for a 3" finished unit, cut 3 1/2"-wide strips.
2. Layer the fabric strips right sides together and pin a paper pattern right side up on top of the strips. Sew on the marked dotted lines as shown in Figure A.

Using Half-Square Triangle Piecing Papers
3. Cut apart on the solid lines and trim off the dog ears on one end (Figure B).

Using Half-Square Triangle Piecing Papers
4. Press the two resulting units open with the paper still attached to support the bias seam. Carefully remove the paper; the half-square triangle units will be the perfect size to be used in your project.
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