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February 3, 2019
Georgie C
Enjoyed class and very easy to understand. However teacher is unresponsive to any questions asked about the class. Very disappointing!
January 8, 2019
Karen E
I love this class, but need more instructions when your
new to doing c2c.
December 17, 2018
Loretta K
This is a great class.The instructor give very precise instructions,I have wanted to learn c2c and I now have 4 blocks completed,am hoping to finish for Christmas present.This is one of the most cost effective projects to learn a new way of crocheting.I would recommend this class to ANYONE who wants to learn c2c.
October 5, 2018
Gloria C
I love this class everything was explained clearly she is a wonderful teacher I hope she will have other classes
September 30, 2018
Angela R
I got the c2c crochet right away with this video after trying so many times on my own. she also goes over some of the basic parts of crochet stitches and talks about gauge to help you out.
August 19, 2018
Connie B
Excellent class. I would recommend it to anyone. The instructor explained everything in a clear and concise way that everybody can understand. I enjoyed it very much.
June 14, 2018
Katherine S
The expensive C2C class is well done with excellent videography and audio. The instructor clearly demonstrated and communicated c2c basics. How to use the graph, specifically, directionality in c2c and recording the squares of each color on the blocks is excellent. Changing colors, simply is clear, however, there are many tricks of the trade to hide 'ticks' and the idea of keeping tails on the back is missing. Marking the front of the first square is important in color work.

For the cost of the class, I suggest some minor improvements to the organization of the material, specifically, a table of contents listed with the time that each section of the video begins, so that it is easier to find a target skill to return to while crocheting, especially when complete a new C2C square. I did write that info down for myself, although it is not necessary in this day and age. Also, the are the charts unavailable for digital use. A lot of crafters use technology, of course you know that since you offer the video in two digital formats. The use of the graphs in pdf is necessary to completely use the digital format of your product. Printing the graphs is great as a backup, however, the digital format is appreciated by those of us who truly use the digital platform.

Additionally, it is obvious from the video, that the amount of yarn used per color in this intarsia project is known since the small balls of yarn are set up for use by Sarah. Would you consider instructing on determining the amount of yarn to use for color block in each pattern? Making the bobbins is an intricate part of learning intarsia for many reasons, which I am sure you are well aware. Also, I suggest that you include a teaching component into measuring gauge. For instance, measure the amount of yarn used in one stitch (after doing a gauge swatch to see which hook one likes for individual tension and the yarn) and then multiple that by the number of tiles for the color block. One can also then figure out how much yarn to purchase for a graph that yarn requirements are not provided. Linking to a yarn calculator would teach so much to your students!

I truly enjoy this project and the quality of the video/instruction. It is well done. I think for the cost of the pattern, there is missing information that would set a solid foundation for C2C pattern reading and project completion for beginners. I had to do a lot of independent study to fill in the blanks, which is fun! Thank you so very much for your work and excellent patterns in this project.
June 5, 2018
John-teena R
An amazingly well taught class. I can confidently make a c2c blanket after watching and practicing with this class. Beautiful work and such a fun fast rewarding way to make a blanket. Knowing now that anything that can be made on graph paper can become a c2c graphgan is amazing to me. The skies the limit!! Thank you for offering this wonderful helpful class! It's been a pleasure to learn.
May 27, 2018
Lily-maie S
The class was very easy to understand and informative. I was left in no doubt how to do the stitch, and feel confident that I can now complete a project without any problems. The instructor was very clear, and explained everything in detail.
May 10, 2018
Barb A
Instructor was very easy to understand. Class was very helpful in completing this blanket. I enjoyed this class very much and would tell anyone who would like to learn this stitch to take the class. Very enjoyable.