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Customer Reviews for Mix & Match Crochet Stitch Sampler

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January 23, 2023
Thelma S
I would love to have this lesson however, my many attempts to get the video at cost has left me disappointed due to the fact each time I try to order the class, I fail to get the class for technical reasons. I have spent several months making an effort to get it. I wish I were able to get this video. Yes, I have spoken with representatives and written several emails, and yes my money was refunded! I am so disappointed I do not have Mix and Match Crochet Stitch Sampler with Lily Chin! Video Lesson!!I possess The Crocheter's Toolbox Lily Chin's Techniques and Tricks for Savvy Crocheters....I love the video, as I can play it as many times and I choose. I love Annie's as well and I intend to remain faithful based on their products. I want it!
April 26, 2018
Martha G
I am learning a lot, but I'm sort of stuck on "Lace Texture B/Clovers". She is SO fast, and the camera person doesn't zero in on the stitches she is doing/ going into. I have watched this section over & over, and can't seem to get through it. Any suggestions?
June 18, 2017
Yvonne R
This class is one of the 'best' crochet classes I have ever watched. Lily Chin is a (Master and the Queen) of crochet, she blew my mind away. The skills and the techniques are suburb and I could watch her all day long, you are truly my idle.
Thank you for a brilliant class and for giving me lots of inspiration.
Thank you once again!!
November 27, 2016
Shirley M C
Thank You Lily for the class, it is very informative. It is such a refreshing video and I learned a lot. I have never in all my years seen anyone crochet so fast without looking at while your are talking to us, amazing!! I will enjoy your video for many years to come. So thank you again
September 3, 2016
Barbara R
I like the teacher and video, but I am finding it hard to go back. Is there an index that I am not finding, the back button does not seem to work in this video on my ios ipad.
December 20, 2015
Syeda I
Lilly is a good teacher but she speaks and crochet too fast. She didn't think she is in the class not in compilation. We know she is the world's fastest crocheted. I learned many new tips.
October 7, 2015
Karen H
Lily is terrific. I learned so many tips and upgrades to my crocheting; I hardly know where to start. Back bump crochet for a smooth bottom row. Big help!
September 24, 2015
Carolyn R
I love the class but Lily does go a bit fast. My problem is when I try to go back it's a hassle. I get very frustrated because it takes me so long. Then when I get there half the time I try to bring I can't get it to work. I tried what Lily said and it still won't work. Then I go to a tutorial and it is nothing like Lily's. So last night I just put it away and will try it again after Christmas. Another thing I don't know is my yarn and needles. I am just not smart enough about it I get confused. Hopefully it will stay on the site for a while so I can get back to it. I could use help with yarn to go with squares.
Annie's Customer Service

Carolyn - We would like to find out more from you concerning your post. Someone from pattern services will be contacting you shortly to see what we can do to help.
June 5, 2015
Kimberly J
I am not new to crochet, so I wasn't sure I would learn much from this class. I am very pleased to say that I learned quite a bit! Lily Chin is a great instructor and it's easy to see why she is a popular designer and teacher. The tips Lily shares are themselves worth the price of the class.
April 3, 2015
Noelia R
I love this class and the teacher. She gives a lot of tips and loads of information. She is an expert and I love the fact she perfectly knows what she is teaching and transmit all that to us. This class is a great investment. I can wait to do all the projects! Thanks to Annie's that brings the best of the best for each class. I am also taking other classes and every teacher is so great that I am very happy. Love the downloadable. I print them in color so I can follow my teachers and put them all in a file. Also, I can sit and calculate what yarn I need and go for it. Thank You Lily. You are a great teacher.