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Customer Reviews for Four Seasons Perpetual Calendar

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February 9, 2018
Janis P
First of all, I wouldn't classify this as an Easy project. I think it's more intermediate. I haven't finished this project yet because there is a lot to it. I'm just about done with the month tiles. It's in 10 count, so it's more work (and takes longer) than if it was in 7 count. However, it looks really nice. I will be starting the number tiles soon, then the pictures and finally the holder. I'm excited to get it done, but this is by far the largest project I've done. I might even do some extra pictures (or even pictures from other projects) and modify the design to make them pertain more to some holidays, like Christmas. I'm also thinking about making extra tiles that are different colors to represent birthdays and holidays. So far the instructions are pretty easy to follow, but they might get more complicated when I get to putting the holder together. I'm really excited to finish this and see how it comes out!
March 13, 2016
Verne S
Fascinating calendar -- may take a bit of extra reading and figuring to catch on to all the many pieces and how they interact. However I can't come up with a better way to show them than was done. Just pay attention and take it slow and easy. This is NOT a one weekend project, but I'm looking forward to a fun challenge and I'm sure it will make an interesting conversation piece when completed --
Just one thought -- this can be a rather expensive project after all the plastic canvas sheets and yarn are purchased; however, I think that many of the yarns (with the exception of the brown) can be found in most left-over yarn containers, although maybe not the exact match.