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Customer Reviews for Easy, Elegant Flower Arranging

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March 4, 2017
Rashida J
The classes are very amazing.Thanks for sharing the precious techniques. I am looking forward to get an opportunity to decorate in a festival. The flower arrangements,in a seasonal,step to step instructions. And different flowers. And its beauty. The classes are excellent. Please share with us more. Thanks a lot.
November 11, 2016
Karen A
Absolutely loved Cydney's teaching and presentation. I'm from the UK, so I'm not sure where her accent is from, but I found it charming, and could listen to her all day. She is wonderful to listen to, and so inspiring.
I've never done flower arranging before in my life. I've always admired beautiful flower arrangements, so only watched the preview out of mere curiosity. I then became hooked and totally mesmerized by it. It also made me realize where I'd being going wrong for years - in my care of flowers. She explains everything so well.
She makes everything seem so easy, logical and straight-forward to do, as well as ending up with something so beautifully presented and balanced. So much so, I am now looking into floristry courses in the UK.
Thank you Cydney, you've totally inspired me. I do hope you will consider doing more flower arranging classes online. I would sign up to any of them, straight away.
And yes, as above - a class on silk flowers on their own, would be very helpful.
Many thanks!
September 25, 2015
Karen S
I enjoyed the class. The fresh and silk versions of each arrangement were great. I would suggest a class on silk arrangements. You have different problems with silk flower arranging that was not discussed in this class. Also, the instructor would repeat herself and was to chatty.
June 5, 2015
Anne C
These videos are incredibly detailed, and easy to follow along. There's really nothing missing here, a complete supplies list, and lots of information on how and why the instructor is doing specific things. Handling of various elements such as fresh, artificial or dried flowers is covered and it was fun to see and learn various techniques with all the fun little 'tricks of the trade". I'm a complete beginner with flower arranging, and I think I can now begin to branch out on my own designs using the information I've learned here. Thanks so much to everyone at Annie's!
June 4, 2015
Linda R
I have learned from this class that there is so much more to making arrangements look wonderful and the best part was she made it so easy to understand. I am so confident that I can do this!!
May 17, 2015
Sandy H
I would recommend this class because Cydney is an excellent instructor, instructions are easy to understand and it has great camera angles so you can follow along.