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Customer Reviews for EXCLUSIVELY ANNIE'S QUILT DESIGNS: The Bookcase Quilt Pattern

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April 23, 2020
Susan B
I love this quilt!! My daughter is a huge book reader and this was a great gift for her. I modified it to contain books and items specific to her likes & experiences. For example, instead of a vase I made Aladdin's lamp (she's a Disney fan); instead of an ampersand, I used a treble clef (she's a singer); by using printable fabric, I was able to put the titles of all the Harry Potter books on a group of books, using fabric and book thicknesses to match the actual books; for the plate I printed out a picture of the Great Wall of China because she spent a semester there; and I added an outline of our state (Minnesota). I made a few other changes as well, to fit her personality. It was time-consuming and tedious to find the right fabrics, print out what I needed, make the changes I did, put it all together, and applique everything, but worth it. It turned out great and my daughter adores it! It is a truly unique quilt.
February 4, 2019
Darlene S
Very easy to understand instructions. Got to use up a lot of scrap fabric with my favorite pieces. Was able to be creative in designing my own bookcase. Love this pattern!!!
January 16, 2019
Thisbe O
So simple! I am making this quilt for my granddaughter who loves books. Adding a few Harry Potter designs. It is so easy to do.
November 11, 2018
Elaine W
I was disappointed in a sense as this pattern is only 7 pages long and that is 2 pages of instruction and the rest are applique patterns. It tells you to cut the books a certain width and height. The printing of the spines of the book are from some novelty fabric. I have been quilting for many, many years and have never seen novelty that has book title on it. If someone hasn't done fusible appliques in the past this is NOT an easy quilt to do. Perhaps I will change my rating if I can find some book title fabric (that I don't have to buy a minimum of 1 yd).