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Customer Reviews for Annie’s Attic Mysteries Set of 30 Hardcover Books

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Average Rating:
5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 16 customers.)

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October 9, 2023
I have read your whole series, I couldn't put them down I felt like I new Annie and Alice and Ian and Kate and Marybeth And the rest of the hook and needle club I was so excited when Annie married Ian, I am sad that it is over I looked forward to the books. I am going to start your chocolate mysteries I hope they are as good as Annie's attic keep up the good work - Darlene, Vermont
February 27, 2023
Review for 'The Wedding Dress' - The book didn't flow as smoothly as the other ones did. It seemed that the author was drawing out the background much more than the other authors did and yet they had all got the background included. The storyline it's self was okay - Doloris, Minnesota
February 20, 2023
I have read all of them, up to and including Man of His Word. I love them all. My cousins friend buys them, then let's my cousin read them, then let's her sister read them, then brings xc them back for me to read and I pass them on to my friend - Bev, Indiana
February 12, 2023
I've read all the books up to the Map in the attic. I love all of them and can't wait to start on the next one - Teresa, North Carolina
September 8, 2022
I liked the mystery part, as I always like to see if I can solve it before the end of the story. In "The Lady In The Attic," I was almost sure the stitched "lady" that Betsy had created, was Stella because of the way she acted around Annie who returned to Grey Gables after her grandmother passed away. The Hook and Needle meetings showed each of the ladie's personalities, and Stella's really stood out as a different one. Thanks again for writing this special edition because there are so many lonely women out there who act just as stubborn, trying to hide their past feelings which very often linger into their present feelings until love concurs all. - Shirley, Nebraska
July 29, 2022
Review for "The Lady in the Attic" - It was a good mystery with warm, caring people and a good story. I can relate to this story in several ways. My daughter has been doing cross stitch since she was 13 years old. She is now 54 years old. She has won prizes too. I crochet blankets for cancer patients in memory of my cousin. My husband has a cousin named Mary Beth, whom I am very close to. I am also a widow and I can relate to her story. I loved it. I already received the next two books. I look forward to reading them.
July 4, 2022
Review for "The Lady in the Attic" - This was my first book that I read in your club picked it up on Saturday morning and couldn't stop reading it finished it on Sunday love love love the book I am a knitter and a crocheter can't wait to read the next one - Marianne, New Jersey
July 1, 2022
Review for "The Lady in the Attic" - like to read more - Terry, California
June 11, 2022
Review for "The Lady in the Attic" - I most like the warm feeling I had from the first to last pages. The characters had personality and honesty with depth. I felt pulled into the storyline. Having lived and raised my 4 sons in a small town in Vermont, much like the one in the story, just pulled my heart strings. I'm looking forward to reading another Annie's Attic mysteries. - Lois Vermont/Florida
June 11, 2022
I liked the lady in the Attic because it was very interesting - Valerie, New York