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August 18, 2014
Mervat A
The class is great, but I am having difficulty viewing it on Safari and even on Google Chrome.
It stopped several times and now when I tried to click to continue watching. I see nothing but a black video screen with a note that the class is currently unavailable try later. Very frustrating.
Annie's Customer Service

Mervat - We will contact you to help resolve your issues with the video.
July 28, 2014
Allison M
This was a terrific class! The way Ms. Gormley has structured the curriculum you receive an excellent foundation in how to crochet. She is very thorough! Her manner of teaching is very clear and encouraging. Also, the camera work is excellent and complements her demonstrations perfectly. I look forward to taking more classes from Ms. Gormley in the future!
June 16, 2014
Teresa S
I am very pleased with my beginner Crochet pack. This book is easy to read step by step instructions with pictures of the various stitches. Crocheting is new to me and to date I have engaged in about 5 projects. I am getting really good at making the sassy hats and dish cloths. I find it relaxing to be able to make pretty things and I plan on making Christmas gifts for my family and friends. Ellen's class is easy to keep up and understand. I like the opportunity of being able to go back to various parts of class and re-review, stop, start as I go along. I plan on purchasing the DVDs on further projects.
May 27, 2014
Debbie R
I thoroughly enjoyed this beginner video. I used to crochet years ago and haven't picked up a hook since, busy life I guess. My last project was making Barbie Doll clothes for my young daughter that was over 30 years ago. I was pleased that a few projects came with this video and you follow along with the instructor, Ellen, to make each project. That helped refresh my memory, how to read by the instructions and what the acronyms meant. Ellen also teaches how to read diagrams which are actually the instructions but in a different format. Diagrams are new to me. They are fun to use. Ellen has a pleasant voice and is very clear in her instructions. Just like having a personal teacher, at your pace, at your convenience.
May 21, 2014
Jodi C
I just finished watching Learn to Crochet with Ellen Gormley. Ellen is an excellent teacher, and so enthusiastic. She makes learning fun. I have learned so much from this class, never having picked up a crochet hook before. I used to watch my aunt crochet slippers all the time and now I feel confident enough to tackle just about anything. Please keep the classes coming, this is a fabulous way to learn new skills and practice on some old ones. Thank you so much!
May 5, 2014
Heather G
So I learned how to Crochet a few of the basic stitches about 10 years ago, and I wanted to get back into it. While I knew how to do some of the very basic stitches like the single crochet and chain stitch, there was a lot of things I could not do, like read a pattern, advanced stitches and measuring gauge. So after surfing the internet for videos I came across this site. After reading the reviews and thinking about it, I decided to give it a try!

I am on the Motif Blanket now, and I must say, Ellen is a wonderful teacher! I love the "rewind/playback feature" that allows me to watch the steps on a loop as many times as I need to till I learn the step and can move on. I have started a blog that show some of my creations as I make them, along with the ones you can find in this tutorial.

If you do not take anything else from this review know this ... I would highly recommend this class to anyone -- regardless of whether you are brand new or in need of a refresher to help relearn the skills again!
March 31, 2014
Wanda T
Thank you so much. I know how to crochet it just made things more simple and more easier and detailed. Thank you Ellen, I learned how to crochet as a young 13 year old girl and taught myself through the years. I see I was doing everything right except knowing how to connect the motifs right. Crocheting helps me relax and think more clearly. I'd recommend your videos to anyone that knows how to crochet to sharpen up their skills, and even for the beginner. You make it so easy to learn thank you!!!
March 27, 2014
Kay T
I am thrilled I found the online class. I took a short class years ago but I had forgotten so much. This class with Ellen has I enabled me to be able to pick the craft up at age 63. My grandmother used to crochet all the time so I know where the love for the art started. Thank you Ellen and Annie's for offering such a wonderful class. I crochet some everyday and hope to get good enough to inspire my granddaughter. I cannot think of anything to change except I would love to be able to take additional classes taught by Ellen.
Kay T
March 22, 2014
Judy H
I am working on the White Cross quilt and having a bit of difficulty, I have pulled it out several times, I don't understand why I am having this difficulty other than using 2 colors can you send me direction on this particular technique designer is Joyce Messenger and it is a beautiful pattern and I promised my daughter.
Thank You Judy
Annie's Customer Service

Judy - We would like to find out more from you concerning your post. Someone from pattern services will be contacting you shortly to see what we can do to help.
February 8, 2014
Rose C
I loved the simplicity with which Ellen teaches crocheting. I learned how to crochet when I was a child but didn't really know how to read a crochet pattern. After taking the class, at my own leisure which I love, I can now read crochet patterns and learn new stitches as I go along! The class provided many new stitches for me. Thanks.
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