Learn to Embroider Part 14: Fishbone Stitch video
Learn to Embroider Part 14: Fishbone Stitch
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Surrounded by fabric and farmland, Linda Augsburg loves playing with patterns and prints, and she dreams of a day when she can finish a sewing project at the same moment that the bobbin empties. Most of Linda's adult life has been spent behind the editorial desk at various quilting and craft publications. While she learned to sew as a 4-H'er, she traded garment sewing for... Full bio »

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The Fishbone Stich can be used to create leaves and petals for a more linear effect. There are two different ways to create the stitch.

In this Quilt & Sew Tips online video class brought to you by Annie's Creative Studio, needlecraft expert Linda Augsburg demonstrates several methods of working the Fishbone Stitch.

In this online video class, you'll learn how to:
  • Create the fishbone stitch in an open or dense pattern.
  • Curve the stitches.
  • Work the Fishbone Stitch on a piece of linen, cotton or crochet fabric.
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