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Bee's Wax Polish
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Named the "best" by House Beautiful, this old world formula furniture polish has been used to clean, protect, preserve and restore furniture since 1974. Made with natural bees wax, it keeps wood from drying out and leaves no oil residue or wax build up...ever! Use on antiques, kitchen cabinets, marble, glass, granite, mirrors, stainless steel, oak and much more! Simply spray the furniture lightly with the wax and wipe immediately for a natural shine that won't fingerprint.


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Bee's Wax Polish

May 1, 2016

Since discovering Original Bee's Wax a few weeks ago, I have used it on wood furniture with lovely results, but that was only the beginning! Sinks sparkle, stainless appliances shine, window glass stays clean longer: mirrors too! Everything I use the Bee's Wax on looks great, stays cleaner longer, and is easier to clean the next time.

Bee's Wax Polish

February 18, 2016

After using this furniture polish, I would never use anything else. I use it on almost every thing. I bought a case one year and kept some and gave the rest as surprise gifts to family and friends. As you can tell, I think it's the best.

Bee's Wax Polish

February 5, 2016

I love the Bees Wax. Works great on all woods.

Bee's Wax Polish

January 2, 2016

This product has put a wonderful shine 55 year old maple dining table. I remember as a child my dad waxing this table, and how long it took him. I can give it the same shine in less time.

Bee's Wax Polish

January 20, 2015

This is the best polish I have ever used! Love that I can polish my wood furniture, marble and black granite and see instant results. I clean just about everything with it. The only drawback I have found with it is on mirrors I notice a haze the next day. All other glass surfaces it's great. I buy it by the case, it's awesome!

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