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Quilt Backing and Borders for Finishing Touches

Once you've chosen your Quilting Patterns or sewn your quilt blocks, you'll need borders and backing to put the whole quilt together. Use these quilt backings and borders to put the finishing touches on your project with high quality fabrics from trusted fabric brands.

Quilt Backing and Borders

If you've gone through all the work of piecing and sewing your quilt blocks, you'll want good borders and backing as a way of giving your project a high-quality finish. Annie's carries quilt backings and borders that coordinate with a range of fabric colors and prints. In addition to these quilt backs and borders, you may also be interested in our Yardage Cuts of quilting fabric, which you can use for making borders and bindings.

Annie's carries the supplies you need for the whole quilting process. Choose a quilting pattern from our large assortment of quilting styles. Then, buy precut quilting fabrics in coordinating prints and solids to create your quilt blocks. We also carry sturdy quilting thread and helpful Quilting Tools. When you can find all your supplies in one place, it saves you shopping time that you can spend quilting.