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Use Crochet Apparel Patterns to Outfit Your Family

If you like to crochet, you'll love crocheting clothing and getting to tell your friends that you made it yourself. Use these apparel crochet patterns to make blouses, sweaters, vests, and other garments. You can update your wardrobe while developing your crocheting skills. Our variety of crochet apparel patterns includes a range of styles and skill-levels, so there's a pattern to fit your needs and fashion sense.

Crochet Apparel Patterns for Hand-making a Stylish Wardrobe

Crocheted apparel items make wonderful gifts for friends and relatives. Make a crocheted blouse as a thoughtful birthday present or a crocheted cardigan for a special occasion. In addition to these crochet apparel patterns, you might also be interested in our patterns for crochet shawls and wraps and crochet accessory patterns. You can curate an entire look by using crochet patterns for whole outfits. You can crochet apparel and accessories that go together or you can make pieces that accent your favorite store-bought items.

In addition to these classic and trendy crochet apparel patterns, Annie's carries a wide range of other crochet patterns, as well as the yarn, crochet hooks, and tools you will need to complete your projects. Find all of your crocheting supplies at Annie's, and you'll have more time to spend on crocheting clothes and accessories.