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Use Filet Crochet Patterns to Create Doilies and More

Filet is a traditional crocheting technique that uses two simple stitches to create a grid-like lace design. You can use filet patterns to decorate your home or create small gifts for friends and family. Make filet doilies featuring a loved one's name or make filet bookmarks for the readers in your life. If you like these downloadable filet patterns, check out our full selection of filet patterns for more projects and inspiration!

Filet Crochet Patterns for the Home

You can use filet patterns to create lace table runners, mantlepieces, and other home décor items. Unlike more traditional doily patterns, in a filet pattern, you can incorporate images and letters. Make a filet doily that features your favorite animal or a sweet message. A filet project can also be a fun alternative to a cross-stitched baby sampler. Filet a doily that features the new arrival's name and give it to the mother as a gift. She can display your handiwork in the nursery.

If you have yarn, hooks, and other crocheting supplies, you can start on these filet pattern downloads immediately! Annie's carries all the crocheting items you’ll need for all your projects, so you can always be ready to work on a new pattern.

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