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Patterns for Baby Booties and Socks

Booties and slippers are a classic crocheting project. With these baby bootie and crochet sock patterns, you can find helpful step-by-step directions for making adorable booties and cozy sweaters for your whole family, from infants to adults. Create cute booties in football-inspired or floral patterns. They're perfect for the baby to wear in those early portraits.

Crochet Sock Patterns to Keep Toes Toasty

Along with cute bunny slipper patterns for babies, we have cute, colorful slippers and socks for kids and adults, too. Crochet a pair of slippers as a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one. Making a pair of crocheted socks or slippers is a relatively easy weekend project, but the finished product can be enjoyed for many lazy weekends to come. Check out our full selection of crochet footwear patterns for more sock and slipper options.

In addition to these baby booties and crocheted socks, you can make plenty of other crocheted accessories and garments. Browse through our whole collection of crocheting patterns to get inspired for your next project. At Annie's you can also find the yarn, crochet hooks, and other supplies you'll need to finish the projects that catch your eye.