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Crochet Doll Patterns and Crochet Toy PatternsŚSeriously Fun Projects

Use your crocheting hobby to make a child's day joyous by using these crocheting patterns for dolls and toys. Our selection of crochet doll patterns and toy crocheting patterns features adorable animals, sweet baby dolls, and cushy crocheted blocks. You can also crochet clothing for your girl's favorite dolls. Get creative with your yarn colors and you can create hours of fun for the children in your life.

Use Crochet Doll and Toy Patterns to Create Smiles

Crochet toy patterns can be finished quickly and do not require a lot of yarn. You can use leftover yarn to crochet a cuddly teddy bear or a fun baby's rattle. These crochet toy patterns come in styles suitable for a variety of ages from babies to older children. If you have some yarn and your hooks on hand, you can download a pattern and start now. Check out our printed crochet toy and doll patterns for more fun projects.

In addition to these crochet doll and toy patterns, Annie's carries the yarn, hooks, and other crocheting supplies you will need for your projects. While you're shopping for fun patterns, stock up on yarn, too. That way, whenever you download a crocheting pattern, you'll be ready to start on your project.