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Terri Watson
Terri Watson
Terri Watson
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Some people just seem to have been born to quilt, and Terri Watson falls into this wonderful category! Terri discovered quilting in 1989 when, interestingly enough, she was picking up cross-stitch supplies at a local craft store. She was intrigued by Eleanor Burns' book Quilt in a Day, and ended up purchasing the book, fabric and a rotary cutter that day.

Terri often tells her students, "If you are planning your next quilt while making your first one, just surrender and accept the fact that you are now a quilter -- for life!" That's what happened with Terri and she hasn't looked back since.

What started out as a creative hobby became a profession after a number of years working at her town's high school library. Terri wanted something she could do that she'd enjoy, while also maintaining control over her life. Since she'd been quilting for years, it seemed natural for her to explore quilting professionally for others. In 2004, she purchased a Gammill long-arm quilting system. As Terri says, "That was a great day!" She learned her system by quilting many charity quilts, wisely getting very comfortable with her machine before taking on paying clients.

Today, Terri runs her own business quilting for others. One of the most rewarding aspects of her work is that she gets to work on many fabulous quilts created by other talented quilters. And since she loves quilting a lot more than piecing, she's thrilled that she gets to quilt on her machine all the time! She adds new quilting designers to her repertoire regularly by exploring what other quilters are doing at shows or online. Terri's business is thriving -- she currently quilts between 150 and 200 quilts per year!

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Fundamentals of Freehand Long-Arm Quilting
Terri Watson
Terri Watson, Instructor
If you've bought a long-arm quilting system but aren't sure how to use it, then this class is for you!
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