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April Moffatt
April Moffatt
April Moffatt
April's Bio

April Moffatt is married to "an amazing man," is a mom to four children ages 10 to 16 whom she homeschools, and is a writer, teacher and designer of all things sewing. She regularly appears in national publications, sharing her sewing patterns and designs with other people who love to sew. April has been sewing professionally for about 17 years and has sewn and designed everything from slipcovers and custom nurseries to genie costumes and ball gowns.

After spending several years teaching people how to sew, April realized there was a significant gap between a true sewing beginner and the skills needed to become a more skilled sewer. That is how April Moffatt Teaching Patterns was born. These patterns don't take a sewer's knowledge for granted. The patterns explain important steps and skills along the path of each pattern's project. It's like having a teacher right there with you! She sells her patterns and shares many sewing tips on her website at

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Sewing Beyond the Basics: Kitchen Accessories
April Moffatt
April Moffatt, Instructor
Take your beginner sewing skills to the intermediate level while learning many sewing techniques useful for kitchen accessories and other projects.
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