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Carri Hammett
Carri Hammett
Carri Hammett
Carri's Bio

Knitting became a career for Carri Hammett when she opened her yarn shop Coldwater Collaborative in 2002. Being surrounded by gorgeous yarn and working as a retailer inspired her to begin designing for her customers.

Carri was discovered by a publisher and started writing books in 2005. She has a passion for writing books that make knitting easy to understand and inspire readers to learn new skills. She also loves to use her knowledge of quilting and crafting to create unexpected and fresh designs like knitted quilts and greeting cards.

Since selling her yarn shop in 2010, Carri has worked full-time as a knitting writer and designer. She has written numerous articles for Creative Knitting magazine and a number of books including More than a Dozen Hats and Beanies, Knitting 101, and Mittens and Hats for Yarn Lovers. Visit her website for information about her books, patterns and kits.

Carri loves the creative process, and is a member of a fiber artist critique group that meets weekly. She loves to be with people who get her, and finds them wonderfully inspirational. Although she loves being a writer, there are pros and cons. It does allow her to more easily visit her three children who live in opposite corners of the country, but it also gets somewhat lonely. She would love to be able to go to an office, but has a small problem in that she has to talk out loud when she writes, and fears that no one would tolerate her! She also has a talent that some might find amusing. When she is on a deadline and doesn't have time to exercise, she has learned to ride a stationary bike while knitting! She also notes that when she accidentally drops a ball of yarn from the basket attached to her bike, you can't imagine what a mess a ball of yarn makes when it wraps around the pedals.

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Knit Finishing Techniques
Carri Hammett
Carri Hammett, Instructor
Learn to finish all of your knitting projects like a pro in this class, including information to plan, knit, block and finish demonstrated and included in the class materials which also includes the pattern for an exclusive tailored cardigan.
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