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Denise Layman
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Denise Layman
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Denise has been designing patterns for knitting looms for seven years. She is also the author of Learn to Knit on Circle Looms published by American School of Needlework and is a featured crafter in Craft Corps: Celebrating the Creative Community One Story at a Time, by Vickie Howell. More of Denise's loom knitting designs can also be found in Annie's pattern books, How to Knit Fashionable Scarves on Circle Looms and Knit Caps on Circle Looms. More of Denise's designs can also be found in the Loom Knitting Pattern Book, and on her blog: Knitting Without Needles,

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Learn to Make Hats & Cowls on the Knitting Loom
Denise Layman
Denise Layman, Instructor
Youĺll discover that just about anything made on knitting needles can also be made on a loom. 3 techniques, 3 accessory setsŚunlimited possibilities!
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