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Cydney Davis-English
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Cydney Davis-English
Cydney's Bio

Cydney Davis-English is a third generation florist following in the footsteps of her father and grandmother. Amazingly enough, her husband, Warren, is also a third generation florist, having grown up in his mother and grandmother's florist shop. Cydney opened her floral studio, The English Garden, in 2007. Eight years later, business is blooming. The English Garden team produces beautiful flowers for approximately 150 weddings and events a year. They also host a fun floral design series with 2 to 3 classes per month. See more of her work at

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Easy, Elegant Flower Arranging
Cydney Davis-English
Cydney Davis-English, Instructor
Learn how to arrange fresh and silk flowers into beautiful bouquets, centerpieces and more for your home!
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