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Abby Glassenberg
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Abby Glassenberg
Abby's Bio

Abby Glassenberg started her blog, While She Naps, in 2005 to record her work in the studio making dolls and toys. As her work became more career-oriented and grew in popularity, Abby turned her passion for designing and sewing stuffed animals into a thriving business. Today, she writes craft books, licenses her designs to national companies, sells her sewing patterns and e-books, has a podcast, and teaches sewing and business practices. She is the author of the Annie's book Sew & Play Puzzle Balls and instructor for Annie's online class, Learn to Sew Puzzle Ball Animals.

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Learn to Sew Puzzle Ball Animals
Abby Glassenberg
Abby Glassenberg, Instructor
Learn how to sew soft and huggable puppy and kitty puzzle ball animals for hours of interactive play!
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