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Lena Skvagerson
Lena Skvagerson
Lena Skvagerson
Lena's Bio

Lena Skvagerson is the lead designer of Annie's Signature Designs as well as designing for Creative Knitting Magazine, Crochet! Magazine and Crochet World. Lena passionately designs everything from exquisite knit shawls to adorable crochet booties. She draws her creativity from more than 25 years in the European knit and crochet design markets. In 2016 she put together Annie's bestselling collections "Annie's Summer Love Collection" and "Annie's Autumn Bliss Collection". You may also know her as one of the experts on the Annie's television show, Knit and Crochet Now!, which airs on PBS and Create TV. Lena lives on the gorgeous California Central coast and has two kids in college.

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Learn Continental Knitting
Lena Skvagerson
Lena Skvagerson, Instructor
Knit faster, easier and more evenly with continental knitting! Learn how today!
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