Crochet symbols are a universal language that allow an alternative way of reading patterns.


In symbol crochet, each stitch is represented by a little picture or symbol.
  • Chain Symbol or Chain Symbol represents a chain (ch) -- and resembles a chain stitch.
  •  Single Crochet  represents a single crochet (sc).
  •  Half Double  represents a half double crochet (hdc).
  •  Double  represents a double crochet (dc).
  •  Treble  represents a treble crochet (tr).
  •  Slip Stitch  represents a slip stitch (sl st)—this symbol resembles the chain symbol, but is filled in.
  • 4 Treble Cluster represents a 4-treble crochet cluster (4-tr cl).
These are the basic symbols we will use in the Melody Mini Doily practice project.

Sometimes there is a special symbol for a group of stitches, such as a bobble or a popcorn; these symbols are given either with the pattern or are included in a stitch glossary.

A glossary of all symbols used in this article is below.

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When symbols are arranged to form a "picture" of the work to be done, it is called a diagram. The diagram looks quite similar to the finished crocheted piece and shows at a glance just how it is constructed.
Symbol Crochet
Symbol Crochet
On circular designs, such as doilies, the diagram is followed starting at the center, working from right to left (counterclockwise) if you are right-handed and from left to right (clockwise) if you are left-handed.

The number 6 in the center of the ring shows the number of chains needed to start; the symbol for slip stitch indicates joining in a ring. The number of the round is indicated at beginning of the round.

This mini doily practice piece will let you practice following the symbols and show how a diagram is made.



Size 10 crochet cotton
Size 7/1.65mm steel crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge


9 tr = 1 inch


Below, you will find the symbols that tell you what to work for each row. Below each illustration, the instructions for the symbol diagrams are written out in words. First try to work from the symbols, then check your work against the words.
Symbol Crochet
Ch 6, sl st in first ch to form ring.
Symbol Crochet
Rnd 1: Ch 4 (counts as first tr), 23 tr in ring, join with sl st in 4th ch of beg ch-4. (24 tr)
Symbol Crochet
Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in same ch as joining, ch 5, *sk next tr, sc in next tr, ch 5, rep from * 10 times, join with sl st in beg sc. (12 ch-5 sps)
Symbol Crochet
Rnd 3: Sl st in each of next 3 chs, ch 1, sc in same ch as last sl st, ch 5, [sc in 3rd ch of next ch-5 sp, ch 5] 11 times, join with sl st in beg sc.
Symbol Crochet
Rnd 4: Ch 4, keeping last lp of each tr on hook, 3 tr in same sc, yo and pull through all 4 lps on hook (beg cl), ch 2, tr in 3rd ch of next ch-5 sp, ch 2, keeping last lp of each tr on hook, 4 tr in next sc, yo and pull through all lps on hook (cl), ch 2, *tr in 3rd ch of next ch-5 sp, ch 2, cl in next sc, ch 2, rep from * 9 times, tr in 3rd ch of next ch-5 sp, ch 2, join with sl st in top of beg cl.
Symbol Crochet
Rnd 5: Ch 1, sc in top of same beg cl, *ch 3, sc in next tr, ch 3, sc in top of next cl, rep from * 10 times, ch 3, sc in next tr, ch 3, join with sl st in beg sc. (24 ch-3 sps)
Symbol Crochet
Rnd 6: Sl st in next ch-3 sp, ch 1, (sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc) in same ch sp and in each ch-3 sp around, join with sl st in beg sc. Fasten off. Secure ends.


U.S.chain (ch)
Françaismaille en l´air
Españolcadeneta (cad)
DeutschLuftmasche (Lftn)
Italianopunto catenella
Symbol Crochet
U.S.single crochet (sc)
U.K.double crochet (dc)
Françaismaille serree
Españolpunto bajo (pb)
DeutschFeste Masche (fM)
Italianomaglia bassa (m. bassa)
Symbol Crochet
U.S.double crochet (dc)
U.K.treble (tr)
Françaisbride (br)
Españolpunto alto doble (pad)
DeutschStäbchen (Stb)
Italianomaglia alta (m. alta)
Symbol Crochet
SymbolHalf Double
U.S.half double crochet (hdc)
U.K.half treble (htr)
Françaisdemi-bride (demi-br)
Españolpunto alto (pa)
DeutschHalbe Stäbchen (h.Stb)
Italianomexxa maglia alta
Symbol Crochet
U.S.treble crochet (tr)
U.K.double treble (dtr)
Françaisdoulble bride (d-br)
Españolpunto alto triple (pat)
DeutschDoppel-Stäbchen (D.Stb)
Italianomaglia ltissima
Symbol Crochet
SymbolSlip Stitch
U.S.slip stitch (sl st)
U.K.slip stitch (sl st)
Françaismaille coulee
Españolpunto enano (pe)
Italianomaglia bassissima

Symbol Crochet
Françaispicot (pi)
DeutschPilot (Pi)
Symbol Crochet
U.S.cluster (cl)
U.K.cluster (CL)
Españolpuntos altos cerrados
en el mismo punto
Italianomaglia raggruppata
Symbol Crochet