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Jill Wright
Jill Wright
Jill Wright
Jill's Bio

Jill Wright's mother, a needlework teacher, taught Jill to knit and sew at the age of 6 and to crochet at age 8. Jill learned to make her own clothes from a very early age, as her mother handed down to Jill her many needlework skills. Jill also has experience in machine sewing and machine knitting, rubber stamping, beadwork, spinning, cross-stitch, felting and a multitude of other crafts. However, Jill always returns to the fiber and yarn crafts and is never able to stick to just one project at a time. She always has at least one or more knit and crochet projects in progress simultaneously.

Jill began designing in 2007 by winning the Crochet! magazine's new designer contest with a crocheted felted tote bag design, embellished with jeans pockets and sewn-on gems. She also had her first submitted design accepted by Interweave Crochet, which coincidentally was also a felted crochet bag, but this time with a needle felted design, and then went on to have knit projects published too. Jill has had designs published in Love of Knitting, Love of Crochet, Creative Knitting, and more recently, Vogue Knitting International and Designer Knitting magazines. Jill has had designs published by yarn companies, too, including Bijou Basin Ranch, Fiesta Yarns, Kollage Yarns, Universal Yarn, Zealana, KnitPicks and Classic Elite Yarns. Jill has co-authored a book, Curvy Crochet, and has also had designs published in the following books: Cooperative Press Fresh Designs: Scarves, Crocheted Gifts, 60 Quick Knits and 60 Quick Baby Blankets. Jill has authored a book with Annie's, 7 Easy-to-Knit Handbags for Every Occasion , which is due to be published in summer 2013. Jill has two websites which she works on in her spare time: (dedicated to teaching beginners crochet and felting) and (which is all about scarves).

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Lace & Openwork Knitting Workshop
Jill Wright
Jill Wright, Instructor
Learn how to knit beautiful lace and openwork knitting from start to finish! Expert Jill Wright will start with the basics and show you how step-by-step.
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