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Beth Huntington
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Beth Huntington
Beth's Bio

Beth Huntington is a kindergarten teacher by day and popular blogger by night, known as the "Renegade Seamstress." At first, necessity made her shop at thrift stores. Over time, that necessity grew into genuine excitement -- a frequent treasure hunt! Her passion for shopping at thrift stores and turning discarded items into new and useful gifts and home decor, and then taking before and after photos of her creations, led her to start her blog, Her blog lets her share glimpses of her own world while connecting with creative types around the globe.

The success of her blog led her to author the book, The Refashion Handbook: Refit, Redesign, Remake for Every Body. Beth says, "I get such a rush when I walk through the doors of a thrift shop. It's exhilarating just thinking about all the possibilities, the treasures and the deals!"

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Learn to Upcycle & Refashion Sweaters
Beth Huntington
Beth Huntington, Instructor
Turn a thrift store sweater or an outgrown handmade sweater into an assortment of fabulous projects with machine-, hand- and even no-sew techniques!
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