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Using the Color Wheel to Select Colors for a Crocheted Afghan

Here's another great crochet tip!

Locate the main color you'd like to use for your afghan.

Blending colors can be chosen from the two wedges to the left and two wedges to the right of the main color. Contrasting colors are directly across from the main color.

Triad colors can be added by choosing the colors that create a triangle with the main color. For example, if your main color is blue, triad colors are yellow and red.

If you wish to choose unusual color schemes, choose colors that are the same values. All colors on the wheel are numbered according to value, and you'll create gorgeous, unlimited combinations by combining colors from any value group.

For an exciting color scheme, choose black, gray, navy, brown or white and accent with one or more vivid colors.

Choose colors to reflect personality. Yellows are cheerful and bright. Reds are passionate and aggressive. Blues are calm and cool. Purples are regal and star like. Oranges are warm and cozy. Greens, depending on whether they are more blue or yellow, can be cool or vibrant.