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Felting Tips

Another great crochet tip!

Felting is the process of shrinking and matting wool—even the wool on sheep will felt if it is subjected to moisture, heat and pressure! When washing wool in hot soapy water, the tiny scales on wool fibers “open up” and then get hopelessly tangled together. When the wool cools and dries, the scales close again and lock the wool into a tough, matted fabric.

You may have already felted by accident with not very happy results, but when done intentionally, it results in wonderful warm and sturdy finished projects. To be successful you must use 100 percent wool that has not been combined with even a tiny percentage of synthetic fibers or been treated with any chemicals that make it “washable”. Both processes will prevent the wool from felting.

Because your finished felted project will shrink, your crocheting will be large and looser than you might expect. Just match your crochet gauge to the “before” gauge supplied and your final project should match the “after” gauge. Note: the Adornments Fibers used in these slippers will not felt so they won’t tangle or mat. They will come to the forefront to provide a fluffy accent for the finished slippers.