Letís Machine Quilt: Rule the Rulers video
Letís Machine Quilt: Rule the Rulers
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Sherry Duncan has an amazing wealth of craft knowledge. She not only brings experience and passion for quilting and sewing to the Annie's team and clients, but also an understanding of practical techniques in knit and crochet. She has published two knitting patterns. Full bio »

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Quilters everywhere are abuzz about quilting with rulers! Are you ready to uncover tips for using rulers to quilt beautiful designs using your own sewing machine? In this Learn, Make, Create! episode, quilting expert Sherry Duncan continues the process of making a quilting inspiration book by demonstrating 3 block patterns made by quilting with rulers. She also presents a number of specially designed rulers which just might inspire your next machine-quilting project!

Sampler Book Materials List (per page Ė- make as many pages as desired)
  • 2 (8" x 8") pieces dark-colored 100% cotton fabric
  • 1 (8" x 8") piece batting
  • Contrasting thread
Note: Use a 1-inch split ring to join book pages together