How to Hand Tie a Quilt video
How to Hand Tie a Quilt
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Sherry Duncan has an amazing wealth of craft knowledge. She not only brings experience and passion for quilting and sewing to the Annie's team and clients, but also an understanding of practical techniques in knit and crochet. She has published two knitting patterns. Full bio »

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One of the basic quilt-assembly techniques is the tie-tack or quilter's knot. In this episode of Quick Stitches and Tips, quilting expert Sherry Duncan will demonstrate How to Tie a Quilter's Knot with two techniques -- by hand or with tweezer tools. Many quilters will tie the knots by hand. However, those with arthritis will appreciate seeing how to use helpful tweezer tools to assist in tying the knots.

As examples, Sherry exhibits two different types of quilt sandwiches that use the quilter's knot -- a simple backing, batting and top, and a thicker sandwich of a top, cotton batting, Insul-Bright, more cotton batting and a backing. You'll learn that it's important to pay attention to the instructions on the batting for the spacing of the knots and see a creative quilt panel that combines hand-tied quilter's knots and machine stitching.